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We deliver eye catchy web designs and develop user friendly and easy to use apps on demand.

North East Indian Handicrafts

Colorful and Useful handicrafts

The colorful handicrafts from NE Hut are completely hand woven / hand made.

Organic Green Tea

Organic Green Tea

The organic green tea from NE Hut is made by tribals from the mountains of North-Eastern India.



NE Hut is a venture born out of the love of anything ‘tribal’ and the desire in the hearts of Sushanth Abhishek and Christina Panmei, husband and wife duo, to bring about ‘sustainable livelihood’ for the tribals who are very talented but lack the means to make profitable living out of their very unique skills. The vision of NE Hut is to share the beauty of the culture of the Naga tribals of North Eastern India with the rest of the world.


The North Eastern part of India has been economically and socially cut off from the remainder of the country for most of its existence. However the land, its tribal people and their culture have much to offer and provide a unique insight into the lives of its people and what they have to offer to the world. The problem is, until recently there have been little or no avenues for these indigenous people to showcase their talents and produce / products to the world.


NE Hut was established with the objective of generating sustainable livelihood for the tribal men and women who are very talented in their handicrafts, but lack avenues to make good use of their talents. We believe in promoting raw talent from the interior most Naga tribal villages, to preserve their unique art and crafts while ensuring that their acquired skillset allows them to earn a decent living to support themselves and their families; in a time when prices are sky rocketing everywhere.

In addition to these facts, the produce of the land is outstanding owing to the very fertile soil and great climatic conditions. Agricultural produce from this region is typically better tasting, juicier and more nutritious while compared to the produce from other parts of India; all while little or no fertilizers are used in the growing process. In an attempt to bring this great tasting produce to the world, NE Hut has started with marketing the 100% Organic Green Tea. NE Hut has taken the initiative to share with the world the unique flavour of the organic tea grown in this region.