NE Hut’s Organic Green Tea has been categorized as Grade 1 Bi Luo Chun Tea and is sourced from the tea farm of the Panmei family in a small rugged tribal town called Tamenglong; nestled in the middle of the mountains, in the State of Manipur, in North Eastern India. Tea is largely associated with the culture of the people from this region. A guest is welcomed with a hot or warm cup of green tea over friendly conversations. Gifting a guest or friend a packet of green tea is considered a sign of deep regard and love for them. The tea farm is passed down from father to son and is now looked after by the fourth generation of the descendants of Mr. Poudilemang Taothing Panmei. The family still practices the traditional way of preparing green tea which has been passed down through the generations.


The town of Tamenglong lies in the Barak Valley region. The place enjoys a moderately hot and humid climate and the nature of the soil is fertile and acidic; this makes it an ideal place for tea plantations. The Tea Board of India has identified the organic green tea from Tamenglong to be amongst one of the high grade teas in the North Eastern region of India. While the full potential of the place for tea cultivation remains to be explored, NE Hut has taken the initiative to share with the world the unique flavour of the organic tea grown in this region.


The peak of the tea harvesting season is between the months of March – May each year. This is because, it has been found that the tea leaves that spring out in this season make for the best tasting tea; a flavor which cannot be got from harvesting tea leaves during the remainder of the year. Further, it is only the top 2 – 3 leaves of each plant which make for the best tasting tea leaves.

The Panmei family ensures that each batch of the green tea is produced under the watchful supervision of the elders of the family; thus ensuring that the generations of expertise gained in producing the sweetest tasting organic tea is conserved and replicated each year. The process of preparing the organic green tea is especially important as the family first keeps aside sufficient quantities to last them till the next tea season. Further, this process has been perfected to seal the aroma of the tea into the leaves to last the year around; till the next batch is prepared.

There are no fertilizers used on the tea plants. The tea leaves are handpicked, spread out and left in the open overnight. The leaves are then kneaded by hand till soggy and then left out to dry in the sun. The process is repeated for 1 day by the end of which the leaves become crispy dry; their aroma locked into them to last till the organic green tea leaves are awakened by the pouring of hot water onto them. In this way, the flavor of the organic green tea remains the same even when consumed a year after preparation. Finally the crisp green tea leaves are then stored in air tight metal containers until the tea is packaged. The final product is thus completely organic.

Herein lies the specialty of the organic green tea from NE Hut – our process seals the unique aroma of the tea into each leaf; to be savored by your nose first as the smell invites you to drink of it and your taste buds next as they are treated to the smooth taste of our truly refreshing organic green tea. Click here to purchase our Organic Green Tea at a special web discount price.